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In the bag

(Up to date)


Opto-X Stiletto

Utility driver. Comes out for big skip/flex shots and whenever there is no normal solution to the situation.

Opto-X Ballista Pro

Go-To driver, where I don’t have to sacrifice control over distance. I carry usually 3-4 of them in various stages.

Gold-X Ballista Pro

Another version for Ballista Pro, which fits the gap between Opto-X and Opto plastic. I really like it for my sidearms and hyzerflip back hands. Easy distance.

Opto Ballista Pro

Big hyzerflips and turnovers. Occassionaly rollers and overheads too.

Opto-X Recoil v2

A disc that I can count on no matter what. Comes out with windy conditions and makes sure to stick to the fairway every time.

Opto-X Recoil v3

My speed 12 control distance driver. Very similar use to Recoil v2, but it is a little more straigther, which adds to some extra distance. Used mostly with no to moderate wind.

Opto-X Recoil v1

Probably my main driver in the woods. Perfect amount of turn, so I can hyzer flip it through the tight gaps and in the same time – staying on the fairway.


Vip-X Fortress

Main disc for shots between 350-450ft. I carry at least two of them – one seasoned and a brand new one.

Vip Fortress

A less stable version of the Vip-X models, which adds a lot more glide and turn. Mainly used in woods.

Gold Burst Sapphire

Main utilty disc. Rollers, overheads… – you name it. Best disc for long stand still turnovers and get out of trouble disc.

Gold Burst Pioneer

Sidearm disc from the dreams, which covers the shots within 200-375ft. Usually I have one brand new for super windy conditions and a seasoned one for all types of sidearm shots. Backhand utilises them on flex shots.

Opto Pioneer

Flippiest of the Pioneers – it becomes magical in the woods and in calm conditions.

Opto-X Explorer v2

My favourite fairway driver for backhand. Perfect amount of stabilty and glide, which makes it a very reliable control driver for me.

Opto-X Explorer v1

I like to name it „King of woods“. Flips up to flat which I can use for both backhand and sidearm. I can pipe it up to 400ft+.

(Opto Explorer)

This disc goes in and out of the bag occasionally. I mainly use it in the woods for smooth and controlled turnovers.


Lucid Justice

I usually use this disc for sidearm upshots and drives inside 300ft. I like to pull it out for these overstable backhand drives and flex shots too, in range from 250-330ft.

Opto Anchor

My wind „Trust“. So it pretty much gives me the flight of the Trust in the wind.

Prototype Trust

A bit more stable version of the disc. I like it for shots with some light wind and I like it’s consistent fade at the end of the flight.

First Run Trust

Just dead straight. Holds every angle I put it on. Here and there I also pull it out for sidearms too.

Opto Mace

My flippiest midrange in the bag. Doesn’t come out often, but is there when I really need it. Finds a lot of use with some patent and pending shots.


Tournament Burst Harp

Main upshot disc for backhand and sidearm. I carry two, one is a seasoned one which flies pretty much straight now and the other, a newer one, with a stronger fade.

Hard Shield

Covers the parts, where harp comes short. Mostly used for backhand drives and upshots. I like it for going straight at the basket and works well for my flick turnovers. Also attacking the basket from far away.


Hard Shield

This disc is just made for my hand. For what ever reason, I always find my way back to it. It has that slight overstable finish, which gives it a really dependable flight in the wind. I use it for all of my putts.