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My journey

  • PDGA #76669
  • Age – 26
  • Height – 193cm , 6 ft 4’
  • Started playing – 2014
  • Highest world ranking – 19th (2019)
  • Highest rating – 1023
  • Highest rated round – 1062
  • 4x Estonian National Champion 2018-2021
  • 3rd European Open 2019
  • 10th USDGC 2019
  • 7th Delaware Disc Golf Challenge – National Tour 2019
  • USDGC Distance Competition Champion 2021
The last discbender
The last discbender. Joosep Martinson


Hi! I am glad to see that you have found your way to my official website. Before you jump into discovering the page even more, let me introduce myself.

My name is Albert Tamm and I live close to Elva, a very small town in south of Estonia. There are many disc golf courses around my hometown, including the Sportland Prodigy Elva and the Annikoru disc golf parks, the two courses I visit the most.

Albert's introduction
European Open 2019. Eino Ansio

Life before disc golf

I have been doing sports since kindergarten when I first got started with swimming. After doing it for about 4 years I heard about badminton training at my school and decided to give it a try. I ended up playing this sport competitively for over 8 years, resulting in many junior titles in different age groups and game styles.

Around 6th year in badminton, I found out about disc golf. I knew that many badminton players liked to play it in their free time at Tartu Dendropark so I also wanted to give it a try. In fall 2014, I found myself on the disc golf course for the first time and I was immediately hooked!

After that, I spent every weekend off from badminton competitions on the disc golf course with my friend Karl Kert. We arrived at the course early with tea and sandwiches packed in our bags and stayed until it got dark and our parents picked us up.

After getting injured at badminton practice and not being able to play anymore, I was able to spend more time practicing my disc golf skills, as I was still able to throw standstill shots and putt and the rest is history… 😉

Estonian Junior Championships in Badminton 2009. U11 Podium – Daniel Juht, Kristjan Tamm and me. Serge Enkoff
Albert playing badminton
Estonian Junior Championships in Badminton 2011. Serge Enkoff
Albert playing badminton 2
Estonian Junior Championships in Badminton 2013. Mens doubles with Robert Joonas. Serge Enkoff

Wow, let’s give it a try

In 2015, I decided to try my luck at the weeklies. I ended up shooting 30 over par and quickly learned the OB rules during that round too. Yes, I went OB a lot. 😁

This didn’t stop my competitive spirit from rising as I started playing at more and more events. In August of 2015, I won my first PDGA C-tier in MJ19 division and finished 6th in Nationals.

The next year, I decided to commit to disc golf and spend less time on the badminton court. I managed to win both winter and summer National Championships in my division. I ended up qualifying for the European Championships in Oulu, Finland with the Estonian National Team. The championship went great until the very last round which ended up being a complete disaster because of the craziest wind that I had ever seen in my life.

Tali Open
Tali Open 2016.
European Championships 2016 Oulu 1
European Championships 2016 Oulu. Eino Ansio
European Championships 2016 Oulu 2
European Championships 2016 Oulu. Eino Ansio

After this experience, I started to participate in more events outside of Estonia. I collaborated with an experienced Estonian disc golfer Ardo Sepp, who was living in Finland at the time. I took many trips there to play in higher level international events. I learned a lot but also made mistakes, like counting my score wrong and going from 2nd to 3rd in the final standings. That’s life for you my friends.

Around that time, Ardo and I really started to focus on my game by analyzing the technique and also paying attention to the weaker parts of my game. If there is one thing that I am really grateful for, it is the knowledge of the game that Ardo has shared with me over the years. It definitely helped me make good decisions during tournaments and analyze my game in depth after the tournament was over.

Oh, and that was also the first time that I got sponsored by the Latitude 64° Baltics team, powered by Chilli Disc Golf.

Epic view
Estonian Open 2017. Marko Saviauk
160m ace
Mandatory photo after the 160m ace.
Valgjärve Open 2016
Valgjärve Open 2016. Ragnar Loova

Time to enter the MPO division

2017 was my first year in the MPO division and also I got an upgrade to the Latitude 64° core team. Switching from Junior’s to Men’s was definitely something to get used to, but I already walked away from that season with 5th place at Nationals. Overall, this was the season that really lit the fire inside me to work harder and go beyond anything I had ever achieved before.

Year by year, I started to tour more in Europe and soon I was playing rounds on the top courses in Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and Croatia. I started meeting more international disc golfers, including some of the best known players in the world!

In 2018, I won my first Estonian National Championship in the MPO division at Mäetaguse + Alutaguse disc golf parks. Since then, I have defended my title 4 times, latest being in 2021 at Hiiumaa on Pühalepa and Randmäe courses.

Albert in Latitude 64 Core team
First year on the Latitude 64° Core team. Ragnar Loova
One of the best fan moments for me
One of the best fan moments for me. Joosep Martinson
Estonian Championships 2017
Estonian National Championships 2017 at Kuutsemäe.
Estonian National Championships 2021 podium
Estonian National Championships 2021 podium – Mauri Villmann, Me and Kerdo Lepasepp. Margit Kurvits
Estonian National Championships 2019 IMG 1
Estonian National Championships 2019. Celin Lannusalu
Estonian National Championships 2019 IMG 2
Estonian National Championships 2019 – Domination face. Celin Lannusalu

Discovering disc golf in USA

So, moving forward, 2019 was the year when I first set my foot on American soil. I was invited by Hakon Kveseth from Norway to join him and his companions, Anders (Norway) and Linus (Sweden), for a great adventure in the States. We were traveling in a Class C RV to play the Wintertime Open, which took place at the first ever disc golf course in the world. We then followed it up with the Las Vegas Challenge and the Memorial Championships.

That same year, my Top 3 finish at the European Open really marked my breakthrough into disc golf’s world scene. That’s also when I became known as the „Bazooka“. I could tell you more about it, but I believe this video will sum it up faster –

In 2019, I also did my first „tour“ in the US along with Silver Lätt and Kristin Tattar. I discovered some of the east coast states, with Vermont being my favorite! I am going to jump off that waterfall one day!

Anyway, there I had some Top 10 finishes in the National Tour event and Top 15’s in Pro Tour events. Our trip ended with the grande finale at Winthrop arena. I ended up taking Top 10 in my first ever USDGC and made the lead card for the final day. You can check my round here:

Winthrop bit me quite hard on some of these final round holes. :D

Our Sats for EO week
Our “Sats” for EO week – Eagle, Robert, Andrea, Maris, Joosep and behind the camera Kaidi.
And after this – Bazooka was born.
And after this – Bazooka was born. Eino Ansio
4 amigos in USA
The Crew – Me, Linus, Anders and “Big Dawg” Hakon.
Champagne shower after the awards ceremony at EO
Champagne shower after the awards ceremony at EO. Eino Ansio
Leaderboard for the final round of European Open 2019
Leaderboard for the final round of European Open 2019. Eino Ansio
Delaware Challenge round 2 leaderboard
Delaware Challenge round 2 leaderboard. Alyssa Van Valen
MVP Open at Maple Hill, Hole 9
MVP Open at Maple Hill, Hole 9. Alyssa Van Valen


Fast forward – I signed a 3 year contract with Latitude 64°, which made it possible for me to pursue my disc golf goals even further.

2020… Bang! Covid-19 baby! Very little disc golf to talk about. And when I graduated from Tartu Health Care College with a degree in Physical Therapy, the only thing left for me was disc golf. And Kristiine, my awesome girlfriend who is also a professional volleyball player. :P

As Covid was quickly making its way around the world, I was relentlessly searching for ways to make it back to the States, but there were none. As a result, the whole 2020 season was all about playing as many events as possible in Finland and in Estonia. I participated in most of the Prodigy Disc Pro Tour events all over Finland and it was great to compete with the best of the Finns.

After finishing my season, I joined Kristiine for her volleyball season in France and of course brought my portable basket with me to help me stay in shape during the off-season. However, Covid didn’t make the situation very easy, especially because the restrictions in France were very strict – night curfew, very limited options to do weightlifting and so on…

I made two good friends during this time in France, Vincent and Philippe, with whom we discovered French culture and took our taste buds to the next level. And when Kristiine was gone for away games, we were teaming up in Verdansk. ;) If you know, you know.

When you miss your line in Delaware… Alyssa Van Valen
My French disc golf buddies
My French disc golf buddies from Nancy disc golf club. Picture taken at the disc golf park in Pompei.
Me and Kristiine
Me and my Kristiine. Merit Hirvoja-Tamm
Vincent and Philippe
Mes amis Vincent and Philippe.
Graduated like a boss. Kristiine Miilen
Nancy volleyball MVP Gilles in the middle.
Nancy volleyball MVP Gilles in the middle.
Strength and conditioning coach Matteo
Strength and conditioning coach Matteo aka the guy who hammers nails in to the wall with his fists, but really an Olympian in Taekwondo. Thanks to him I was able to continue my off season trainings, when the Covid restrictions were at their peak.

Going against all odds

When 2021 started, I was still looking for ways to enter the US. A year-long break was starting to annoy me and stubborn Albert wasn’t having any of it. After a long search, I finally found some information that after a 14-day quarantine outside the Schengen area, Europeans would be able to enter the United States. „Go big or go home“ mentality kicked in and the party planning committee (reference to “The Office” 😉) started to plan out this trip.

I chose Mexico as the stop between Europe and the US and ended up staying there for 16 days to prepare for the upcoming tour. This was one of the hardest training camps that I have ever done. The hot and humid climate was no joke and also the crocodiles… Just kidding. Saw some iguanas though, which were still scary for me. One thing’s for sure – I will be back in Cancun one day. 😉

Estonian National Championships 2020.
Estonian National Championships 2020. Joosep Martinson
Playa Delfines at Cancun.
Mayan ruins
Checking out Mayan ruins in Tulum.

The master plan was successful! I made it back to the States successfully and was able to tour for two months. During this time I played World Championships, many DGPT events and last but not least, made a lot of new friends. I could definitely tell that the level of the courses had upgraded significantly. The event organization – boom, like night and day. I felt like I was at a PGA event. And the competition was tighter than ever!

This trip was necessary to understand what I still needed to work on in my game and I was ready to put the work in.

Bazooka in Mexico
Couldn’t resist the temptation.
Great Lakes Open 2021
Great Lakes Open 2021 aka thorn bushes fest. Brittany Dickerson
USDGC 2021
USDGC 2021. Brittany Dickerson

After some time back in Europe, I made it back to the US for the second time in 2021. This time I chose Croatia for the mandatory quarantine period which we (Väino Mäkelä Luukas Rokkanen and I) turned to a two-week training camp. It was a blast to train with the two young Finnish fellas and push my game even further with some competitive practice rounds and putting games.

Then it was finally time to head to the US. However, before I could even step on the US soil, my layover in Turkey turned into a sequel of The Terminal. I was unable to board my flight to New York, ended up stuck in that airport for 3 days and got food poisoning to top it all off! All in all, my spirit never broke and consistency was the key to achieving my arrival in the States again. This time it was kind of a mini tour – 3 events with the last one being again.. the USDGC.

I didn’t perform the way I would have liked in the event, but I was able to take down the USDGC Distance Showcase Competition with a throw of 646ft with my Gold-X Ballista Pro.

Me, Luukas and Väinö
Young fellas discussing how many ice creams are on the line for this bet. Me, Luukas and Väinö. Dinko Šimec
USDGC distance competition winners
USDGC distance competition winners and showcase participants. Eagle, Garrett, Ella and Natalie. Conrad Meyer

That marks the end of my story for now.

To stay up to date, check out my Instagram and don’t forget to visit this site for the latest tour schedule, tournament results and much more.

Bazooka out. 😘

Suns out guns out
Suns out guns out. Alyssa Van Valen

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